Have you ever really looked at a book?

224 pages lavishly illustrated with sun-drenched photographs, profound quotes and short in-depth essays written by the photographer herself.

‘Mykonos’ is a tribute to the magnificence of this little island, its inhabitants, history, culture and beauty.

A captivating celebration of Mykonos’ colorful spirit ensuring the most enriching and authentic experience given by Karlie, a professional photographer who fell in love with this breathtaking place.

But this book goes beyond landscape photography, it is furthermore an homage to Electra, the beautiful protagonist who transcripts the Mykonian spirit and the islands buzzing vibe perfectly despite the sometimes windy and rocky conditions.

She allows us to discover the secrets hidden behind forgotten places, isolated and remote corners as well as lively energetic spots on this Aegean island.

‘Mykonos’ is a magnificent and highly professional collection of vivid images, an inspiring artwork and an enchanting masterpiece taking you on an incomparable journey.