Together with the best make-up artists and our perfect retouching skills we produce flawless pictures for the beauty sector. The skin plays a leading role in beauty photography. Faces are generally photographed for beauty products such as trendy make-up, high-quality creams or revolutionary facemasks. The focus therefore, is on the skin, eye-area or mouth. We are able to give the skin an already perfect glow during the shoot by working hand-in-hand with experienced make-up artists and by using the perfect studio lighting.

Any uncleanliness or imperfections of the skin can be corrected by our perfected beauty retouching, which will make the skin look natural and flawless. Any redness, pimples, eyebags or fine wrinkles will disappear inconspicuously.

However, we do avoid a mask-like or any unnatural retouching, as customers are able to spot that.

The same applies to other parts of the body such as hands or feet. Not only are makeup and creams big business but so are nails. whether it be nail care to having trendy nail polish colours.

Again, we work hand-in-hand with our make- up artists, who perfectly prepare the hands and feet before a shoot. Through the use of our beauty retouching after the shoot, we are able to give the skin that perfect glow.