We are able to perfectly process photos from corporate shoots and any already existing photos.

Digital retouching and post-processing are important components of photography. Although it is often today demonised, many are not aware that already in times of analogue photograph, post-processing and modifications of photos in the darkroom were a major part of the work of photographer experts. The type of paper, chemical components and/or the duration had a huge impact on the final result of the photos.

Nowadays, we use programs such as Lightroom or Capture One, which can be seen as an equivalent to a darkroom. Due to new photoshop technologies we are also able to influence other details of a photo in the second step of post-processing.

This is of particular significance in regards to beauty, especially in capturing perfect skin, portraits or products, therefore, retouching is indispensable. We are also able to obtain an even structure of light, colour temperature and atmosphere various adjustments for example by using Lightroom or Capture One. During this post-process stage, we are able to give our photos that extra final polish.

Often, we develop together with our customers so-called “Presets,” in order to create a consistent style and feel, this is particularly important for social media accounts, as well as various shoots and themes. This consistency is essential to comply with corporate identity and to meet the requirements of particular target groups.

We are also able to use already existing photos and edit them to your needs. Please feel free to contact us and together we can create the right style and feel for you or your business’s needs.

Model retouching

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